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Kit for curly, wavy and curly hair. Kit Inoar Go Vegan Cachos Duo leaves the hair flexible, defined and hydrated. Kit Inoar Go Vegan Cachos Duo penetrates deeply into the hair fiber to provide nourishment and shine. In addition, it offers the softness and softness your hair needs. Ideal for loose curls without frizz. Contains Inoar Go Vegan Curls - Shampoo 300ml: cleans, replenishes nutrients and keeps curls disciplined. Inoar Go Vegan Curls - Conditioner 300ml: seals the cuticles, moisturizes and promotes shine. Action Castor oils: it has great power to clean and moisturize the scalp, in addition to strengthening. Rosa Mosqueta: acts as a regenerator, combats dryness and hair damage. Vegan and sulfate-free product. How to use Apply a small amount of shampoo to the wet scalp and massage well. Then rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation. After cleaning with shampoo, pass the conditioner along the entire length and ends of the wires. Massage and rinse. Result Hair with recovered softness and healthy shine.