INOAR Doctor Hydration Mask is a treatment 250gr




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Inoar Doctor Hydration Mask is a treatment for all hair types. Its moisturizing action replenishes the nutrition and water essential for the health of the hair fiber, leaving the strands much softer and more manageable.

The effective formula of Inoar Doctor Hydration Mask has natural active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the fiber and restore balance, shine and softness to the hair, leaving it revitalized like never before. With Inoar Doctor Hydration Mask, your hair receives the special care it needs to always look well-groomed and beautiful!

-Aloe Vera extract: its emollient and toning action returns softness to the hair
-Vitamin B5: quickly replenishes hydration and preserves natural water inside the fiber for longer
-Semi di Lino: restores hair fiber and contributes to healthy hair growth

Your hair will be revitalized, with a soft touch, natural movement and shine never seen before!