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MOROCCAN HAIR RECONSTRUCTION AN ORIGINAL AND EXCLUSIVE FORMULA OF INOAR COSMETICS step 2 The Inoar Brazilian Keratin Treatment contains keratin, white clay and cocoa oil. Its formula is rich in minerals repairs the damaged hair, restoring its natural beauty. It promotes deep cleaning, clears the scalp pores and replenishes keratin, restoring strength and softness. An original Moroccan formula held by Inoar, it treats damaged and brisk hair efficiently and with long-lasting effects. The Moroccan Hair Treatment is the next generation of the popular Keratin treatment. The exclusive Inoar Moroccan Treatment rebuilding formula is composed of keratin, white clay, and cocoa oil designed to treat and straighten damaged or curly hair in an efficient and long-lasting manner. In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average. The product can be used on ‘virgin’ hair or may be used over other relaxing or common straightening treatments, leaving hair looking straight and hydrated. This treatment allows you to wash the hair or tie it down on the same day of treatment. Duration is about three months. The secret of a great treatment and straightening is on the professional application combined with the a great product. Advantages: • Wash the same day the treatment is completed – wait time is only one hour! or if prefer you can wash the hair in the other day • Fragrance is extremely pleasant. • Great cost-benefit! Perform between 10 to 14 treatments from a single kit which is composed of a liter shampoo and the original Inoar Marroquino Treatment. STEP BY STEP Step 1Wash the hair at least 2TIMES with Inoar Deep Cleaning Shampoo (step 1). Massage it starting from the scalp up to the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat for the THIRD TIME if necessary. Dry thoroughly with a towel. Step 2 Using a hair dryer, dry 0ff 100% 0f the hair, depends on the type hair. Step 3 In a recipient place the Step 2 of Inoar Treatment. Complete the recipient with small portions for avoiding unecessary waste . Apply the product on the full extent of the hair starting from the back of the neck. Apply it with a brush on fine strands and with a very thin comb, take the excess of the product out of the strands and use it for the other strand sequencely. Leave it on the hair for at least 30 minutes. Step 4 Use an hair dryer at mid temperature, it's going to help avoiding the smoke/steam. Blow-Dry 100% 0f the hair starting from the back to the top. Step 5 Split the hair into parts. Separate it in very thin strands and pass the iron/streightner 180°C to 200°C (chemically processed hair) and 200°C 230°C (virgin hair) betweem 7 to 10 times on each strand, depending on hair type. Start from the back of neck and proceed up to the top of the head. Not suitable for children Not suitable for women who are pregnant FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY