Résistance Fibra de Bambu 12x 45ml




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The Resistance Bamboo Fiber Capillary Ampoule treats the hair, making it stronger and preventing breakage. Moisturizes and leaves hair soft. Enriched with Bamboo Fiber, rich in proteins and selenium, Inoar Résistance Bamboo Fiber repairs weakened hair and strengthens the strands, leaving them with much more shine. Its composition contains Biotin, a vitamin that stimulates growth and treats hair from the inside out, with rejuvenating power. In addition to bamboo fiber, it also has in its composition Biotin, a vitamin that stimulates growth and treats the threads from the inside out, and is also a powerful hair rejuvenator. Indicated: For damaged hair. Benefits: - Strength and Brightness; - Helps Growth; - Resistance and Repair. Active: - Bamboo Fiber: Strength - Biotin: Aids in growth. Differentials: - Natural ingredients: which lighten and hydrate the hair, leaving it light, beautiful and silky. - Bamboo: repairs weakened strands and strengthens them. How to use: Apply to wet hair after Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply to the entire length of the hair, and let it work. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly.