Product type: Hair Keratin treatment


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This revolutionary professional straightening treatment features a vegan shampoo and anti-frizz treatment that reduce volume and smooth strands with a blend of botanical oils and organic acids. The Thermoliss professional treatment realigns hair fibers and reduces frizz by nearly 80% percent after the first application with results lasting up to 12 weeks. Its patented technology and botanical formula works on hair that has received all types of chemical treatments. It reduces volume and eliminates frizz thanks to a blend of acids and oils that safely deliver long-lasting results. The first vegan shampoo that straightens! INGREDIENTS: Vegetable keratin, amino acids, pro-vitamin B5, Argan oil. Formaldehyde-free. Paraben-free. THIS PRODUCT IS 100% VEGAN. Never tested in animals. HOW TO USE: STEP 1 - Pre-treatment Shampoo With active ingredients for cleansing, in addition to Argan oil and keratin, INOAR Thermoliss pre-treatment shampoo cleans and prepare the hair for step 2. Wash and massage hair 2 or 3 times with shampoo. Rinse well and remove excess water with a towel. STEP 2 - Anti-Frizz Treatment Apply the Thermoliss anti-frizz treatment with a brush to thin strands, starting on the roots, while keeping a minimum distance of 1/2 inch from scalp. Spread it along the entire hair with a thin comb. Let it rest for 30 to 50 minutes. Rinse the hair exclusively with water. Do not use shampoo. Blow dry hair and brush well. Then divide the hair in 4 parts, and flat iron 7-10 times very thin strands. Ideal iron temperature: Colored and damaged hair = 150C / 300F Blonde hair = 125C / 250F Natural hair = 180C / 350F *Do I have to use a special shampoo or conditioner after the keratin treatment? Aftercare shampoo and conditioner must be salt-free (i.e. not contain Sodium Chloride). Most conditioners are salt-free, but most shampoos DO contain Sodium Chloride, so please check the label carefully before purchase or use. Please note that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate are OK, it is just Sodium Chloride that must be avoided. Salt-free shampoo must be used on an on-going basis to maintain the treatment for up to 3 months because salt (Sodium Chloride) will cause the keratin treatment to wash out prematurely. ​* Can I go in the sea after using the keratin treatment? Yes, but the salt water will make the treatment wash out sooner, so limit your hair’s exposure to sea water and rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards. * Can I go in the swimming pool after using the keratin treatment? Yes, but the chlorine in the water may make the treatment wash out sooner, so limit your hair’s exposure to chlorinated water and rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards. Not suitable for children Not suitable for women who are pregnant FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY